Marketing Programs

VCP Marketing Programs

The Verified Canadian Pork™ (VCP) brand represents a farm-to-table quality assurance proposition for end-user customers and consumers based on Canadian Pork Excellence (PigCARE, PigSAFE, PigTRACE and a world-renowned meat inspection system).

Verified Canadian Pork™ (VCP) partner programs provide marketing resources, funding and support programs for licensed end-user customers to differentiate VCP brands and co-brands in the marketplace. VCP-branded programs increase awareness and confidence in Canadian pork and the food safety and quality assurance systems that stand behind every kilogram of Verified Canadian Pork.

Branding Categories for support

 1) Generic retail or foodservice VCP program (single or multiple VCP supply partners)

2) Co-branded products owned by National Pork Marketing (NPM) processors

3) Co-branded products owned by customers of NPM processors

4) Further processed co-branded products owned by NPM processors

5) Further processed co-branded products owned by NPM customers