Farm to Table Quality Assurance

Verified Canadian Pork™ Premium Branding Strategy

Verified Canadian Pork™ is locally farmed, federally approved and nationally distributed by Canadian farmers and processors who take a great deal of pride in the food they bring to the worlds table.

Canada’s system for on-farm food safety and quality assurance is based on HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) principles that require detailed record keeping and protocols that are validated annually by an official auditor. 

Canada’s animal care and handling assurance system is an auditable program that examines the environment, comfort, nutrition, health and housing of pigs to ensure the highest standards of animal care are maintained and demonstrates to the value chain how producers care for their animals.

Like all Canadian pork, Verified Canadian Pork™ is raised without added growth hormones.

Verified Canadian Pork processors are federally inspected processing plants that maintain the highest standards for freshness, quality and food safety based on Canada’s Meat Inspection Act under federal law.

CFIA approved HACCP (hazard analysis and critical control point) systems are mandatory for all Canadian federally registered meat processing plants.

Pork is a healthy choice. Pork contains 13 essential nutrients that help keep you healthy and strong. It’s high in protein, which helps:

  • Build and repair body tissue
  • Boost energy levels
  • Develop antibodies and strong muscles
  • Feel full longer
  • Support the absorption of nutrients.

Canada’s national identification and traceability system for pigs is administered by the Canadian Pork Council with support from Agriculture Canada. Canada is the only North American country is the only North American country to implement a national swine identification and traceability system with mandatory participation by all producers.